Guided by Elyce Monet

Sedona, with its sacred red rocks, energy vortexes and Native American ruins, is a magical place where the Earth and Spirit meet.

This is a SACRED CALL to a select group of people for the purpose of honoring Gaia’s request to Elyce to gather high-level lightworkers in Sedona to PLANT YOUR LIGHT into the Earth.  The crystalline grid needs infusing with the highest light humanity has to offer.  That’s why you are needed and invited.

Elyce will guide you through the history of three wisdom-laden civilizations – Egypt, Atlantis and The Hopi Prophecy – sharing the importance of her visit to the United Nations with the Hopi Tribe.  The Sacred Energy Vortexes and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers are awaiting us all.

  THE TOUR INCLUDES:  9 Nights at the beautiful Poco Diablo Resort & Spa in Sedona, Arizona

  MEALS COVERED:  Daily Buffet Breakfast, 4 Group Lunches and 3 Group Dinners


An all-day workshop on The Tree of Life, Egypt, Atlantis & The Hopi Prophecy

Visits and group meditations in vortex energies, focusing on:

  Understanding the mysteries of God coming to humans at Thunder Mountain.

• Examining where your life has been collapsed and which chakras need bolstering at the sink holes and chakra pools.

• Searching for the portal beyond time at Bell Rock.

• Experiencing the merged masculine/feminine at Cathedral Rock.

Elyce and Sedona-resident expert Larry Rosenberg will take you to visit crystal skulls, to Montezuma’s Well and the Indian Sacred Grounds for special ceremonies.  Learn how the ancient civilizations are all connected and how Sedona’s piece of the puzzle is linked to them.  Learn about the indigenous tribes, their culture and history.

This tour is everything you ever wanted to experience on a sacred journey.  We’ll even take you star gazing under the myriad of stars so we can tie the cosmos together with the sacred grounds.

Unify your soul and manifest your energy as one with all to bring about world peace.