After dying and coming back from severe head trauma, Elyce was given gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.  She travelled the world for ten years working with energy Masters of all disciplines in order to become a channel for the higher guides of wisdom and healing. Since that injury in 2003 Elyce has provided thousands of hours of wisdom coaching and catalyzing energy work to anyone who wants to heal themselves.  She makes you feel safe and nurtured while you experience relief from guilt, pain, shame and trauma, and assists you in loving yourself. 

Elyce is a Certified Life and Career Coach and is licensed by the Spiritual Healers Licensing Board and the Association of Christian Spiritual Healers, and is one of  the first in the Ambassador Program for Richard Rudd’s “Gene Keys”. She has written three books about her journey to find her higher purpose and the how-to’s of the healing process.  They are “The Me I Couldn’t See – Authenticity” , “The Genetic Prescription”, and “The Yeshua Prescription”.

Elyce’s work catalyzes people into Awareness, Awakening & Action.  She skillfully uses coaching practices and spiritual energy transmissions to create the field for the process of transformation, and then carefully lights the way for you to find your unique path.

She will guide anyone who wants to learn how to transform their deepest fears and pain and live a joyous existence.

Elyce’s Unique Gifts:

  • Restoring Your Purity & Self Confidence
  • Clearing Trauma & Heartbreak (the root of all disease)
  • Discovering your Divine Blueprint
  • Helping all cross from darkness to light (even those who have died)
  • Bringing Wisdom, Clarity & Understanding from a higher perspective

“The notes I have taken during our sessions comprise a virtual manual on how I can live a more sensitive, creative, productive and spiritual life. For people like me, who have been externally successful but have not enjoyed it internally, with all my heart and head I would recommend Elyce as a life coach and spiritual healer.

Larry J. Rosenberg, Ph.D.Communication Consultant, Sedona, AZ

“Elyce is awesome. She is a spiritual warrior and world leader. She has dedicated her life to a spiritual orientation and has helped so many people as a result of her integrity and sense of purpose in this life. I highly recommend her to anyone on a spiritual path seeking an adventurous teacher.”

Alison Greene-BartonTherapist

“Elyce’s words reached to the deepest part of my soul.  She has coached me into creating a monumental shift.  Immediately after our session, music came flooding back to my ears, mind and newly softened heart.  I am blessed to have her in my life.”

J. BoylanInstructor

“Every journey down a river is full of obstacles until we learn to navigate our authentic course.  The author’s (Elyce’s) striking ability to be clear, honest, and focused in looking within propels her safely through the obstacles of her own journey toward her true authentic self.”       

Cynthia Schultz, Esq.

“The gene keys inform that which is innate in all of us individually and universally.  Elyce has a keen and brilliant ability to communicate a complex subject with clarity and kindness and of gently guiding and demonstrating that taking the journey of looking within points us to our true north.”

Cynthia Schultz, Esq.Gene Keys Session

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