My name is Elyce Monet and I am known as “The Heart Healer”.  My specialty is tapping into your heart and helping you clear pain, grief, trauma and guilt and bringing in a joy for living. No matter what you’ve experienced, this work can bring you a new life!  I work with the Angels, Guides and Masters.  My primary connections are Jesus Christ (Yeshua), Archangel Metatron and Mother Mary, but I work with hundreds of angels and masters who make themselves available to me for healing. 

My sessions, workshops, speaking engagements and sacred tours assist people to transform their lives into what they want by guiding them into deep understanding of the “why’s” and “how’s” of what they have created. Much of it is genetic, and we now know scientifically that our DNA is re-programmable. Genetic mapping and showing you how your energy works is one of the ways I can work with you to understand how to transform yourself. 

I provide practical wisdom, acceptance and love so you see and feel things from a higher perspective. I do not go into a trance.  I am fully present and conscious during sessions and workshops.

You CAN change your life.  I did. Now I am dedicating my life to helping others transform theirs.

“Elyce’s voice is a voice that needs to be heard and listened to. She shares the wisdom of the ages and the beauty of the spirit with all true seekers of a deeper meaning. If you want to be guided by an angel – – don’t look any further.”

Marianna Lead, Ph.D.Past President NY Chapter of International Coach Federation, I.A.C.T. Instructor

“On a personal level, Elyce has helped me with my fears and insecurities, and helped me solidify my connection with the truth of who I am.  My family is happier and my relationship with my husband is better than ever. Her wisdom and loving approach really has changed my life. She is the most compassionate, caring and gifted healer I have ever met. On a professional level, working together with Elyce has created massive transformations in peoples’ lives, and I am honored to be able to work with such an insightful and loving wisdom teacher.”

Sumithra TarasovReiki Master, Karma Specialist/Spiritual Healer

“We were referred to Elyce by friends who had readings in Sedona and we were thrilled with her readings.  She did Genetics Mapping on us both, then Tarot & Oracle Cards, then Individual Readings and a Couples Reading.  We were so glad we saw her first thing!  It changed our entire trip!  We were able to discuss all that we learned and apply it on our remarkable journey.  We definitely learned so much about ourselves and each other.  We highly recommend you get as many readings as you can!  We will definitely be taking her workshops soon.”

C. Cappozzo & R. CruzOn Vacation

“I was referred to Elyce by her sister.  After 17 surgeries and cancer I was ready for help!  I had almost given up.  Elyce gave me a past life reading and what came through was exactly what I needed to heal myself.  Immediately after our session I cried and let go of so much pain.  All night long my body began healing itself and my stomach is no longer causing me pain when eating.  I also was able to see the connection of my breast cancer to my husband’s death, and I am finally able to be free of guilt.  Elyce is amazing.  I wish I would have found her sooner.  I’ll definitely be taking her classes.”

S. AndrewsSchool District Employee, Beaverton, OR

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