Elyce Monet, Teacher & Presenter

Tour Facilitator:  Mary Lomando, Egyptologist & Astrologer

DAY 1 – Arrival in Cairo

You will be met at the Cairo airport by our AK representative, where you will be provided with your official AK itinerary and instructions for the following day’s departure to Aswan. Private bus transfer from Cairo airport to our hotel.  Depending on flight arrival times, we will meet for dinner and brief orientation with Elyce and Mary and set our intentions for the work each of us will be doing.   Overnight Cairo.

DAY 2 – Fly to Aswan Cruise

After an early breakfast at the hotel, our  tour coordinator will assist you with check out.  Today we fly to Aswan and check into our beautiful Nile cruise ship, the Nile Adventurer, where we will have lunch on board. We will visit Philae Temple, the Temple of Isis, where we will invoke the presence of the Goddess into our hearts and the hearts of all humanity.  After  being filled with the presence of the Feminine Divine, we will ceremonially infuse the light into the waters of the Nile to be carried forth throughout the Mediterranean and into the crystalline grid of Gaia.  That evening, we will enjoy a Group Dinner Onboard our luxury cruise ship, where everyone will have opportunity to share their experience, and prepare together  for the next leg of our sacred journey, Overnight Aswan.

DAY 3 – Cruise – Kom Ombo –Edfu Temple

Here we begin some of our deepest work.  Kom Ombo and Edfu are the Temples of Horus and Sobek, representative of the human (animal) and divine natures within each of us; our duality, and Horus and Hathor, God and Goddess of Masculine and Feminine Divine Energy and Protection.  The group will assist in the opening of a vortex at Kom Ombo that needs to be closed to the darkness and opened to the light.

The seat of the reptilian consciousness, Kom Ombo is still one of the darkest temples in Egypt.  Spirit has asked us to infuse these portal(s) with crystalline energy.  Our goal is to integrate the human and the divine (Sobek and Horus) within ourselves and the collective consciousness, bringing innate understanding of transmutation through the release of the control of the mind and the reconnection of the heart.  We will be guided by Horus and Hathor to bring through the energy of protection, compassion and love, beauty and romance.

Day 4 – Cruise- Luxor –East & West Bank

Enjoy cruising the beautiful Nile River, enjoying the sun, the pool and the beauty of your luxury cruise ship.  Enjoy the Captain’s Dinner on board our final cruise night.  It’s a party!  Celebrate life, love and oneness.  Overnight on the Nile.

Day 5 – Luxor –West Bank

Today we depart the Nile Adventurer and check into our Luxor Hotel.Today we are “off the clock”  to explore Luxor temples including Karnak and Luxor Temples on the West Bank at your leisure with Elyce and Mary, who will be receiving instruction from Spirit Guides about the work to be done in each Temple. Overnight Luxor.

Day 6 – Luxor – Abydos/Dendera –Full Day

We travel by bus to Dendera, the Temple of the Goddess Hathor, and the Mysteries of the Blue Lotus. Learn about the significance of the Blue Lotus, the Sirian connection, and Dendera Temple.  Experience sounding n this magnificent temple of music and beauty.  Next, We will visit Abydos Temple, dedicated to the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris, and also the site of the mysterious megalithic burial chamber of Osiris, the Osiron. After our lenghthy, but wondrous excursion, we return to Luxor for a group dinner. Overnight Luxor.

DAY 7 – Luxor – West Bank

More time to spend exploring Luxor’s West Bank “off the beaten track”  sights: Temple of  Medinet Habu, and the Workers’ Village of Deir El Medina with its exquisite Hathor Temple, and the Temple of Hatshepsut, also dedicated to Hathor.  Hatshepsut was the only female Pharoah ever to rule Egypt  See the guides in the mountains come to life in the Valley of the Kings, and experience the site excavations of the pharoahs tombs. Lunch at local restaurant at Habu Cafeteria.  Enjoy the evening on your own in beautiful Luxor.   Overnight Luxor.

Day 8 – Luxor  – East Bank

Today we will return to Karnak for a group meditation with Sekhemet, the healer/warrior goddess.  We will spend as much time as we need to visit and meditate in this amazing temple. We will also have time to visit Luxor Temple again,focusing on the physical body and chakras as we walk to Temple all the way to the Holy of Holies, ending in group meditation to clear and cleanse our bodies of all negative energies and heal mind/body/spirit.  Optional  visit  to the Luxor Museum. Overnight Luxor.

Day 9 – Luxor – Free Day

We are free to explore, meditate and enjoy our final day in Luxor. (B)

Day 10 – Luxor – Giza

Early flights to Cairo. Visit to Old Cairo, The Citadel, Mohammed Ali Mosque and lunch. We then travel to Giza, where we will check into Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel at the foot of the pyramids. Enjoy an excursion at the local jewelry bazaar and papyrus gallery.  Optional Sound and Light Show at the Sphinx that evening arranged by request for an additional fee. 

Day 11 – Giza

Morning overview of the Giza plateau and visit to the Sphinx and Valley Temple. We will meditate at the Sphinx in preparation to open the codes for the Sirian Gateway upon our return private visit tomorrow. Afterward we will share Lunch at Saqqara Palm Club. Afternoon visit to Saqqara Pyramid, the step pyramid of King Zoser in Memphis, known as the sound healing temple of grand architect, Imhotep.  We will sound and attune ourselves in this complex,  listening closely for our own soul song for future work on the planet. Later, we will visit a  traditional carpet school of Saqqara. Free evening. Group meeting in preparation of our private time.

Day 12 – Giza – Private Time  OPENING THE SIRIAN GATEWAY

Early morning private 2 hr visit inside the Great Pyramid with the Full Moon in Taurus, the sign of Hathor and the Pleiades. We will sound, meditate and Elyce will initiate you in the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber as we open the Sirian Gateway.  This is one of the only two “stargates” on the planet.  We will call forth your origins for guidance on the next step of your earthly journey, and perhaps, if you are ready, be escorted beyond time through the Sirian Gateway, time travelling in the style of the Pharoahs with help from our Sirian and Pleiadean brothers and sisters. After your experience, you will want to rest and relax and soak up the experience, integrating all you have taken in.  We will meet for a farewell dinner.  (D)

Day 13  – Departure flights to US

You will be escorted by your tour guides to the appropriate airline for your departure.

Bon Voyage!