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Are you at a point in your life where you’re wondering “Why am I here?  What is my life purpose? or How did I get here?” It’s good when people question everything   It’s healthy! Regardless of your world view, you are here because you’re a

Seeker of Truth!

I invite you to DOWNLOAD my recent interview with Dr. Medici on his radio show "Straight Talk" which aired Saturday, September 17, 2011... Enjoy!

I’ve learned through experience that we are all exactly where we need to be to break through to a healthier, more joyous existence!  While sometimes painful, negative circumstances (including illness and trauma) can be overcome to bring new beginnings and new possibilities.

My work is to help you clear emotions, old belief systems and traumas that are holding you back and making you sick.  In healing circles, we call it CELL MEMORY.  Cell memory is simply negative emotions and thought patterns that are stuck your body.  It is this stuck “energy” that creates disease.

The truth is you have the innate ability to heal.  What I know is that you simply need someone who can hold enough love and wisdom to guide you to those “Aha!” moments that can release pain.

In my book, “The Me I Couldn’t See” I share my personal journey that led me to discover I was doing things I wasn’t even aware I was doing!  I worked with many Masters along the way, and cleared myself of many traumas, emotions, negative thought patterns and beliefs.  Now I’ve been asked by God to give back.  With His help, I can assist anyone who wants to heal.

I am licensed by both the Association of Christian Healers License Board and the Spiritual Healers Licensing Board.  I am a certified Life Coach by an accredited NY Institute.  I have thousands of hours of experience, and am passionate about empowering everyone to create a life filled with peace, joy and balance.

My sessions are in person or by phone or Skype.  They are just as effective by phone as they are in person.

Why choose to work with me?

  • You’re in pain or sick
  • You’re ready to go to the next step in your life, career, etc.
  • You’re facing a major decision in your life in any area
  • You’re ready to heal a relationship
  • You want understanding and clarity
  • You’re afraid or you’ve lost your joy for life
  • You have questions about the truth of the spiritual universe
  • You’re depressed, angry and the doctor tells you it’s not physiological
  • You want more out of life

In these trying times, if you aren't sure about your path or you're in fear over the Earth changes, I'm here to help!

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“Elyce's voice is a voice that needs to be heard and listened to. She shares the wisdom of the ages and the beauty of the spirit..." Continue!

• Because Elyce Monet has been my life coach and spiritual healer for six months, I have become a better human being"... Continue!

• “After years of seeking and trying out coaches to help me expand my life to the optimum, there is only one person that actually was able to assist me"... Continue!

• “Elyce is awesome. She is a spiritual warrior and world leader."... Continu!

• “Elyce’s words reached to the deepest part of my soul.  She has coached me into creating a monumental shift.  Immediately after our session"... Continue!

The Me I Couln't See


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