How It Works:

Transmissions of Divine Light and Love are the result of becoming a clear and clean vessel so the frequencies of God (The Trinity), the Angels and Masters can pour through.  It is similar to our understanding of Biblical Prophets or enlightened gurus. Elyce’s unique process includes listening to your needs, receiving wisdom from a higher dimension, transmitting energy to catalyze you, and discussing next steps.

Elyce’s genetic design is that of Purity in the world, and her brand is “The Heart Healer”.  She works daily to stay in her higher frequencies through meditation, prayer and right action, living by the principle that she must heal herself in order to assist others.

Healing light and love are transmitted through her VOICE, HANDS, HEART and FIELD. She projects these frequencies into peoples’ hearts to catalyze them into Awareness, Awakening and Action. It is not a one-time solution to life’s problems, but a means of navigating and evolving into your higher genetic blueprint.

Almost all work can be done remotely on phone and Skype. If a personal appointment is needed for hands on work, the guides will indicate so.

Benefits of the Transmissions

Overcomes Fear

Calms the Mind 

Opens the Heart

Creates Peace

Clears Confusion/Chaos

Brings Authenticity

Brings Understanding

Brings Creativity

Dispels Illusions

Opens Psychic Gifts

Brings Acceptance

Opens Feelings of Love

Clears Negative Energy

Attracts Abundance

Opens Compassion

Resolves Trauma

Higher Power

Unlocks Genetics

Heals Body

Heals Relationships

Creates Awareness

What This Work Is NOT:

Elyce is not a guru, and is not here to be followed by adoring fans or treated as someone supernatural.  This work IS NOT Psychic entertainment.  It is deeply transformative and interactive down to the DNA.  If you want a prediction of your future, you will find it at the psychic gypsy booth at the fair!

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